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In conversation: Barracuda

  W O R D S : Greta Kaur-Taylor P H O T O S: Greta Kaur-Taylor “I’m 1000% sure we’re going to make it nothing is going to stop me; you’ll have to fucking kill me first.” Barracuda are ready to tear shit up with a fuck you attitude, and they are not afraid … Continue reading In conversation: Barracuda


In conversation: Knice

 Knice are a band of punx that are coming for your ears with no mercy, you don’t want to miss them. Here’s what happened when we got talking about their debut album and their love for Hanson. Introduce yourselves and what you all play. I’m George and I play guitar. Hey I’m Harry and I … Continue reading In conversation: Knice

Casbah MMP presents The Virginmarys @ The Soundhouse 06/04/18

We found ourselves at The Soundhouse in Leicester once again last Friday this time to see Macclesfield rockers The Virgin Marys, who the night before had played a sold out Sheffield show, Leicester being the second sold out show of the tour. Going in I was very tired and ready for a night of good … Continue reading Casbah MMP presents The Virginmarys @ The Soundhouse 06/04/18